DAOS Plus ReduceMail Pro - the Killer Combination

DAOS (Domino Attachment Object Store), the native Lotus attachment consolidation system limits the storage of attachments that are sent multiple times and also decreases the amount of data going across the router. The effect of the consolidation is faster mail delivery and that the amount of storage needed on an email server is decreased by 20% - 40%.

However, while DAOS slows the growth of the mail server, it does not stop it. New mail will continue to accrue year after year. In a multi-server environment, the attachment consolidation gains are also smaller. For example, an attachment that is sent to 10 different people on 10 different servers will still take up 10 times the space.

The Killer Combo is to use ReduceMail Pro Archive in conjunction with DAOS. RMP Archive will stop the growth of the mail server by continuously moving old mail elsewhere. It will also allow the consolidation of attachments to occur over old mail. RMP Archive can take old mail from 10 mail servers and consolidate it onto a single archive server on which DAOS can perform a more complete consolidation. Mail server efficiency will be greater and you will accomplish real storage savings.

ReduceMail Pro Attach can also be an important part of your mail management strategy. If your company allows full text indexing of attachments, DAOS is less efficient than RMP Attach. For DAOS, once you index the attachments, the attachment information is reduplicated. With RMP Attach, attachment information is never reduplicated, increasing efficiency and helping manage space.