E-Discovery Early Case Assessment Anytime

The need to be able to hold, search and locate relevant email records for litigation and investigations has been exploding in recent years. In addition to the current court rules, new court decisions are coming down monthly requiring litigants to produce relevant electronic documents or face stiff sanctions.

The growth of the e-discovery industry has also exploded in recent years, leaving many corporate mail users with a confusing and expensive array of options for meeting e-discovery obligations. Many e-discovery packages provide many unnecessary “bells and whistles” which add to expense and remove control over the hold, collect, search and review process. In addition, many organizations need to be able to conduct quick, inexpensive early case assessment in-house and many tools do not allow for it.

This is a particularly difficult challenge for organizations that do not have an email retention policy in place – which is most of us! Those already utilizing email archiving are able to capitalize on that investment when it come to e-discovery. Where does that leave the rest of us?

What We Offer
ReduceMail Pro E-Discovery can help your organization comply with e-discovery needs easily and cost-effectively. This is truly Early Case Assessment Anytime for email which can be performed completely in-house by purchasing one piece of software one time. ReduceMail Pro E-Discovery puts control in the hands of in-house counsel by permitting legal holds to be placed on relevant email. It then allows you to effectively search large email volumes, both archived and unarchived, quickly and easily. It allows for secure collection of relevant documents and locates relevant email and email metadata via rapid keyword, phrase and Boolean searches.


  • can be run on ordinary hardware on a secure desktop
  • can be run by IT staff or others within an organization, including a paralegal
  • searches can be run multiple times with different key words until you get the data you are looking for
  • searches are run rapidly, returning information quickly and easily
  • clear, defensible results are provided in an easy-to-understand format